Rules of Application

The companies that would like to operate within the scope of the law, have to go through the application and acceptance procedures set by ODTU TEKNOKENT. The application procedure that is detailed below is expected to finalize within 60 days after application.

The following general qualifications are sought for companies that will be accepted into the zone:

  • The companies, which will locate in ODTU TEKNOKENT, shall possess qualifications that may develop the economic and technological international competitiveness of the country and, to this end, shall carry on effective R&D and software development activities.

  • The primary goal of ODTU TEKNOKENT is to contribute to the country’s high-technology production potential. For this reason, it is not sufficient for the companies that just use advanced technology to be accepted to Teknokent. In order to be accepted to ODTU TEKNOKENT, the companies shall be actively involved in software development and R&D or have the capacity to do so.

  • To be accepted to ODTU TEKNOKENT, the companies shall have the willingness and diligence to collaborate with the universities, primarily ODTU, and the research centers.

  • To be accepted to ODTU TEKNOKENT, it is expected from these companies to contribute to the regional and national sustainable development.

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation are significant characteristics of the companies and their projects that will operate within ODTU TEKNOKENT.

  • The companies, which will locate in ODTU TEKNOKENT, are expected to provide attractive employment opportunities for the qualified workforce graduated from the universities, especially from ODTU.

  • The companies that operate within ODTU TEKNOKENT are not allowed to carry out mass production, but are eligible only for the manufacture of prototypes of R&D outcomes or products, as well as for limited production dependent on R&D.

  • The institutions and units that will locate in ODTU TEKNOKENT shall not pollute environment. To this end, the companies that have the likelihood of creating air, water and noise, as well as visual pollution are not accepted to ODTU TKENOKENT.

  • It is expected from the companies and their managers to be believers of social justice, respectful of environment, human and employee rights, be ethical and have exemplary character for the society.

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