ODTU TEKNOKENT operates in a total of 170.000 square meters of closed area on 1.2 square kilometers of land in three separate locations: ODTU Campus, ODTU MET Facilities and ODTU TEKNOKENT OSTİM Center.

Constructional development of ODTU TEKNOKENT started in 2000 with the set up of Ikizler Block and continued with other facilities such as Gümüş Blocks, Silikon Block, SATGEB facilities, OSTİM Center, MET Facilities, Galyum Block, Titanyum Block and finally reached a closed are of 125.000 square meters with Turk Telekom R&D Building that has become operational as of 2014. With the establishment of SATGEB-2 Building in the first quarter of 2017, the total closed area has risen to 137.000 m2.

The closed area reached 170.000 square meters by January 2018 with the set-up of the ICT Innovation and Experience Center, which is intended to host significant world players of software and mobile technology development. 

The initial development plan of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT dates back to 1997 and was prepared in ODTÜ City and Regional Planning Urban Design Studio. The construction activities that were initiated in line with this original plan exceeded beyond expectations and therefore had to be revised recently to predict a closed-area of 250.000 square meters by 2025.  

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