The programs that are managed to provide university-industry collaboration.

Technology Transfer Office, ODTU-TTO: During the commercialization of the knowledge generated in academia, from patenting to incorporation, both the financial and managerial processes are executed by ODTU TEKNOKENT, on behalf of the academicians. ODTU TTO coordinates the patenting processes of the academicians’ scientific findings and subsequently supports the incorporation of spin-off enterprises.

Knowledge Transfer Office, ODTU – BTO: BTO that has been tasked to serve as an interface to develop university-industry collaboration, was commissioned to properly match the demands of researchers who would like to carry out joint projects with the industry, with those of the industrial entities that ask to cooperate with universities or receive services from universities. ODTU-BTO provides academicians, students and the industry innovative, high-quality, effective technical and managerial consulting services in university-industry collaboration, project support, matchmaking, contract management, patent support and entrepreneurship.


The programs that provide young companies with training and mentoring to seek customers, develop business and receive investment in order for them to open up to international markets.

TeknoJump Business Accelerator Program: TeknoJump that is modelled and set up in 2013 is Turkey’s first international business accelerator program. The primary aim of the program is to accelerate the internationalization process of technology-based companies by effectively achieving the required know-how, experience and network in a short period of time.

The entrepreneurs who possess a certain level of experience and a vision for global growth of their companies, are accepted to the program. As part of the program, training, consultancy and mentoring are supplied to the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are provided with the opportunity to work with senior managers by means of an approach called CEO-in-Residence, and they are motivated to make a debut in front of national and foreign investors. 


All incubation programs and centers where the companies at incubation stage receive their training, mentoring, consultancy, and financial supports as well as physical space, office and infrastructure.

ODTU KOSGEB Technology Development Center, TEKMER: Organized in association with KOSGEB that supports the establishment of technology-based companies, ODTU KOSGEB TEKMER supports technology-based start-ups for 2 years and subsequently, after graduation the continue to operate as ODTU TEKNOKENT companies.

ODTU MEMS: At ODTU MEMS, where companies involved in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems are located, start-up companies are supported with services and financial grants to retain at market conditions.

Teknogirişim Incubation Center: Companies that start-up with Teknogirişim and TUBITAK 1512 (Entrepreneurship Multi-phase Program) receive appropriate training, mentoring, consultancy and financial support at “Teknogirişim Incubation Center” as well as physical space, office and infrastructure.

ODTU – Halıcı Software House Incubation Center: Established to serve for the development of young and new enterprises, ODTU – Halıcı Software House Incubation Center provides office services, hardware, management, and access to financial resources, critical business and technical support services.

Apart from the support granted to the entrepreneurs at the incubation centers, training, consultancy and mentoring services are provided as well as publicity and marketing consultancy. For these companies to easily create their own market in fiscal and legal aspects, networking activities are organized.


The library that will be instilled to hold resources related with innovation, entrepreneurship, university-industry collaboration as well as various reports, journals and books for entrepreneurs and ODTU TEKNOKENT journal/bulletin

ODTU TEKNOKENT is working to establish a resourceful library especially rich in topics such as innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, design, creativity, university-industry collaboration. The library is intended to provide entrepreneurs and all stakeholders with various reports, journals, e-bulletins and books.


All the clusters that are established to promote synergy and collaboration among companies, with the goal of improving competitiveness.

ODTU TEKNOKENT hosts a total of 300 companies actively involved in R&D, more than 90 of which are defence industry oriented, as wells as many research centers and laboratories located in ODTU. As of 2010, these defence-oriented companies are united as Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster (TSSK). These companies possess complementary and value adding vertical expertise in developing new products and services for defence, aviation and security sectors.

90 Companies in Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster, 150 companies in Teknokent ICT Cluster, are provided with various training and consultancy services with regard to their needs. Trade organizations, project fairs, introductory days and matchmaking events that yield successful collaboration outcomes, as well as attendance at national and international exhibitions.


All the projects, programs and services that facilitate technology transfer, technology collaboration etc. at national and international level, between university and industry

Overseas Units: In an attempt to elevate the success of companies to a global scale and especially for the sake of defence industry, which is of utmost criticality for the country, a liaison office in Washington V.A; to reinforce the entrepreneurship ecosystem T-Jump accelerator center in San Francisco; and to help ICT companies develop new markets and businesses in South Asia, a representative office in Malaysia were established.

International Collaboration: Knowledge and experience sharing sessions with companies like Microsoft, GE, Intel, with actors located in the Silicon Valley and with University of California and Berkeley were realized; besides, through protocols undersigned, the know-how and knowledge accumulated in these sessions were shared with other countries, like Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Libya and Tunisia, that are willing to instill entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Enterprise Europe Network: EEN Anatolia Project for which ODTU TEKNOKENT is a consortium member, is a part of the Enterprise Europe Network, which is established to elevate the competitiveness of SMEs, to develop innovative production and sales performance and to enable them to further use European financial support. Via EEN-Anatolia, it provides information flow to ODTU, research centers and its tenant companies to open up technology demands and supply to the World.

Project Management and Consultancy Office: Using European Union Funds effectively to provide resources for the transfer of ideas into research, the office applies to national and international programs and manages those projects that are granted, with the goal of facilitating the dissemination of the ideas generated at the universities, public and private institutions.


Pre-incubation programs to promote and support technology-based entrepreneurship.

Animation Technologies and Game Development Center, ATOM: ATOM, which is established to promote entrepreneurship among university students, is a pre-incubation center where they can realize their ideas and projects in the field of gaming software and animation technologies. The entrepreneurs, who are eligible for free office space until the time they establish their own companies, can use office space, all sorts of infrastructure and superstructure for free. Here, the entrepreneurs, who can benefit from free office space until the incorporation of their companies, have the opportunity to study the sector and analyze the requirements of the investors and consumers to update their products or services with regard to the demands, while safeguarding their products against the hardships of the market.

New Businesses, New Ideas, YFYİ: YFYİ is the first technology-based business plan contest of Turkey that aims to spread and support technology-based entrepreneurship. YFYİ, that has facilitated the incorporation of more than 50 companies since 2005 when it was organize the first time, the total volume of employment has surpassed to 150 people. 


The programs that are managed to provide financial support for the projects of the entrepreneurs.

Technology Investors Association – METUTECH-BAN: In order to promote entrepreneurship and to support all programs that intend international collaboration, “METUTECH-BAN Teknokent Technology Investors Association” was founded in cooperation with ODTU. As an organization of technology investors’ network, the association has the privilege of being the pioneering institution that initiated the first “business angels’ network”. Since 2007, the association, which is composed of ODTU Alumni and ODTU TEKNOKENT’s successful managers as investors, has been a bridge between technology-based entrepreneurs and investors.

Teknofund Venture Capial Investment Fund: In 2014 ODTU TEKNOKENT has taken the initial step for the establishment of “Teknofund” Venture Capital Fund (GSYF) with the aim of providing financial support to early-stage projects and entrepreneur companies in need of resources. When this fund is established, resources will be created for entrepreneur companies and projects that are not only from within ODTU TEKNOKENT, but also other seed and early-stage projects that are eligible from within other technoparks.


Organization of social events and meetings for the sake of networking and improvement of social life in the zone.

Since all stakeholders, but primarily researchers, engineers, software developers, entrepreneurs and investors spend a significant part of their daily lives, continuous works are being held to create a high-quality living space at ODTU TEKNOKENT.

From various catering options to sports facilities, from concerts and exhibitions to miscellaneous art occasions, a lot of alternatives are presented in myriad of fields. While New Year and summer parties are organized to provide ODTU TEKNOKENT’s people with quality time apart from the working hours so as to turn their working space into a preferable environment, a social network of all employees is mediated by means of various other social activities.


All the various trainings and seminars that are organized to contribute to the development of all Teknokent companies especially the SMEs and entrepreneurs in ODTU TEKNOKENT as well as to improve the degree of communion within Teknokent.

By means of the training sessions and seminars, it is aimed to create an environment where ODTU TEKNOKENT employees can find the opportunities to develop themselves. Some of the training sessions that were organized until now are Logistics Engineering and Management, Project Management, Business Development and Product Development, R&D Projects Preparation, Brand and Innovation, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Business Modeling, Business Planning and Legislation.

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