All the young technology-based companies with entrepreneurial spirit and motivation willing to go beyond local markets in order to receive new investments with their scalable innovative products and services having a growth potential, can apply for the TBOOST program.  It is expected that the applicant companies/start ups will be commercially active. As the program will be carried out in English, the company executives who will take part in the program must have perfect command of English. 
To join TBOOST program contact us via info@odtuteknokent.com.tr

 “ODTU – TTO Technoloy Transfer Office” is a structure created to support both university-industry collaboration and technology-based entrepreneurship. During the commercialization of the knowledge generated in academia, from patenting to incorporation, both the financial and managerial processes are executed by ODTU TEKNOKENT, on behalf of the academicians.

ODTU TTO coordinates the patenting processes of the academicians’ scientific findings and subsequently supports the incorporation of spin-off enterprises. As of the end of June 2015, 57 PCT, 48 Turkey, 22 US, 20 EPO, 6 EAPO and 12 Japan patents as well as 5 utility models have been applied via Technology Transfer Office. Of these applications, 24 national and 33 international patents, including the US, Japan, China, Canada, Russia and Georgia, and 4 utility models are issued; the rest is still pending. ODTU TTO received its first Triadic Patent in 2013 and has 3 Triadic Patents in its portfolio today. 

Directorate of Collaboration Operations on Technology sets up, and/or supports the setting up of new methods, tools, structures and platforms to develop university-industry cooperation. This directorate not only provides information to companies and entrepreneurs who wish to be a part of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT in respect of the structure of Teknokent, application process, TDZ Law, the infrastructural and super-structural services, but also provides support to leading companies in their respective sectors in defined fields at home and abroad in the business establishment processes in ODTÜ TEKNOKENT. This unit is responsible for the development of programs to support and promote the companies operating in ODTÜ TEKNOKENT to get involved in successful projects at international level, develop cooperation and open up to global markets. The establishment of the needed infrastructure in terms of clustering activities, coordination of the activities of the existing clusters and establishment of offices and centres at home and abroad to promote cooperation in this field at domestic and international markets also lie within its responsibility.

info@odtuteknokent.com.tr İhsan Doğramacı Blv. Üniversiteler Mah. İkizler Binası, ODTÜ TEKNOKENT 06800 Çankaya/Ankara