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It is established in ODTU TEKNOKENT in 2006, right after receiving the Jury’s Special Award for their football ball monitoring system in New Businesses New Ideas contest in 2005. While working on target identification and monitoring algorithms, in 2011 they merged a detailed web based reporting software with a person counting and person traffic analyzing system and branded as V-count to market. In 2013, the company had 19 staff, 2 million dollars revenue and today it has more than 4500 customers in 35 countries.

The team also took the initiative to enter into social content management sector in 2012, and marketed the website called ONEDIO, which is very well-known in Turkey. This platform continues its activities in all components of the social media. Both companies still do operate within ODTU TEKNOKENT.

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Labris Networks

Labris Networks that was established in ODTU TEKNOKENT in 2001 is specialized in Internet network security and has been working as a Turkish technology company with R&D focus. It controls 80% of the sector in Turkey and has been leading Internet network security. It has produced product families of Security Network Gateway Software, Security Network Gateway Hardware, Network Listenng and Logging Hardware, Cloud Services, HARPP DDOS Mitigator – Cyber Warfare Appliance.

The company has grown 100% in the last 3 years and has around 3000 medium to high end reference products in 20 countries. In 2012, this growth rate has led Labris Networks to rank among Turkey’s fastest growing enterprises program of Deloitte Fast50. In Deloitte Fast50 of the last 3 years, it is listed among the fastest growing enterprises.

Moreover, it is listed among Europe, Middle East, Africa and Turkey’s fastest growing companies in Deloitte EMEA Fast500.

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Udemy that was established in 2009 in ODTU TEKNOKENT, is an education platform where people can provide video-based online courses and students can register to these courses without going through any application process. In 2012, the company received a total of 12 million dollars of investment from Insight Venture Partners, Lightbank, Learn Capital and Capital Partners, in order to move Serial B video courses to mobile platforms. With Serial B, the total amount of investment that it received has reached 16 million dollars. There are 2 million students and 70000 trainers registered in the platform. The revenue of the company in 2014 has increased by 300% with respect to the former year. 

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DESIGNNOBIS is a design brand, mentioned most often with the 91 design awards that it received subsequent to its establishment and serves in the field of design and product development in international platforms. It was founded in 2006 by Dr. Hakan Gürsu, professor at ODTU Industrial Design Department. The design team led by Dr.Gürsu, is the biggest design center in Turkey in terms of the workforce.

DESIGNNOBIS outputs creative and innovative applications in the fields of industrial design, architecture and animation. As a brand with Turquality Accreditation, it exports Turkish brand to global markets by developing high value added and highly competitive products for sustainable development and contributes to the country’s industry.

In 2007, ODTU professor Dr. Hakan Gürsu has brought Design Oscar to Turkey for the first time. Innovation focused design center DESIGNNOBIS, of which Dr. Gürsu is the founder, has ranked among 40 Pioneering Entrepreneurial Companies of Turkey, in the fifth year of its establishment.

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It was established in November 2008 in ODTU TEKNOKENT, as a spin-off, by Prof. Dr. Tayfun Akın, academician at ODTU Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, with the goal of doing R&D and design in microelectronic circuits and systems. It provides special mixed-signal integrated circuit design service and carries on R&D for future products. Besides read circuit design, it is developing imaging sensors working on various bands for scientific and industrial applications.

At MikroTasarım, high performance monolithic and hybrid imaging sensors as well as integrated read circuit for scientific, industrial and trade applications. The company did the first chip export of Turkey. The thermal imaging chips that are developed completely by Turkish engineers are being sold to Taiwan and the US at 1.7 million dollars per kilo.

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Bama Bama Technology

In 2010, it was established in ODTU TEKNOKENT to produce Robotic Rehabilitation Systems. It is the first company in Turkey to produce Robotic Rehabilitation Systems. R&D works of Robot Driven Rehabilitation System project, which was the reason for its establishment, were initiated by TUBITAK and KOSGEB grants. In 2012, BAMA Teknoloji received funds from Ankara Regional Development Agency and continued to come up with new projects. Within the scope of Hezarfen Project, the company ranked among the first five companies of Ankara Medical Device Producers. It develop a robot (Robogait®) for the cure of patients who are paralyzed owing to spinal cord damage. Robogait is a robot supported walking rehabilitation system to be utilized to regain and re-develop the ability to walk in cases when this ability is lost owing to traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke, neurologic and orthopedic reasons. The hospitals in Turkey started to use this system. 

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In 2008, the company was established in ODTU TEKNOKENT, with the goal of designing, developing and producing fiber laser. FiberLAST designs and produces high quality fiber laser systems with continuous wave and nanosecond-picosecond-femtosecond regimes for scientific studies and industrial applications such as laser branding, material processing, precision machining, engraving, scraping and laser cut. FiberLAST is the first and only company that designs, develops and produces fiber laser. FiberLAST has succeeded in developing an authentic and indigenous technology that increases the fiber laser production systems’ performance.

Until today, the company successfully completed a total of 6 projects including 3 TUBITAK TEYDEB, 2 KOSGEB and 1 SANTEZ and continues to work on 3 academic TUBITAK projects and 1 KOSGEB R&D Innovation project. Two of the 3 TUBITAK projects that were completed were commercialized into products and the revenue of the company is achieved from the sales of these products. The products and the technology developed were ranked first in 2012 TUBITAK Technology Awards Contest and in TESİD Innovation and Creativity Awards Contest’s Creative Ideas category, and as well received Technology Incentives Award by Parlar Foundation in 2013.

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Established in July 2009, ISSD is not only developing solutions to the country’s needs but also guiding the projects of the future in the field of traffic and defence industry.

The company was awarded the first prize in Defence Industry and General Category of the New Businesses and New Ideas Contest of ODTU TEKNOKENT in 2010. The company also received the grand prize in International Intertraffic Fair Smart Transportation Systems Contest with its Dynamic Junction Control System (CHAOS).

In the last 3 years, the products developed in two different projects of the company raised awareness of many municipalities, to which these micro and macro simulation software were supplied. The sales of the products developed led to a revenue of 3 million TL in 2013. 

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