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"New Ideas New Businesses "(YFYİ) international acceleration program is implemented in cooperation with ODTÜ and ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, which was organized for the 15th time in 2019, provides appropriate environment for students and new graduates, who have innovative and technology-based business ideas, to implement their ideas and support them to become successful businessmen.

The number of companies that have been established with the direct support provided by the program is over 70. When, however, indirect support is considered, this number exceeds 250 with over 1000 people employed. 

For detailed information, please visit www.yfyi.com


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ATOM (Animation Technologies and Game Development Center) was established in 2008 by ODTÜ TEKNOKENT to promote entrepreneurship among university students and it serves as a pre-incubation center where students can develop their software ideas and projects with the possibility to establish their own companies. This structure was formed to inhibit the extinction of ideas and projects on digital gaming and animation owing to the lack of necessary finances even before the start of their commercial lives. Within the 600 square meters of open office space including the meeting rooms, this center provides the students, who are talented in the field of gaming, with the infrastructure, superstructure and trainings for development of games, animations and simulation as well as the possibilities to partner with companies in projects. In the end, the target to be achieved is to enable an ecosystem of university-industry collaboration in which new companies are formed and human resources are recruited in this field.

For teams that can survive the elimination phase, ATOM provides a one-year, three step support mechanism. The entrepreneurs, who can benefit from free office space until the incorporation of their companies, have the opportunity to study the sector and analyze the requirements of the investors and consumers to update their products or services with regard to the demands, while safeguarding their products against the hardships of the market. Within the scope of ATOM, which is the first pre-incubation center of Turkey, 30 of the 150 teams have been incorporated to companies. The center did serve more than 1600 developers and young entrepreneurs, and until today, they have developed more than 800 games of different scales and reached more than 30 million game fans.

For detailed information please visit www.atom.org.tr

BİGG TUBİTAK 1512 Technopreneur Support Program

ODTÜ TEKNOKENT is the first stage implementing agency for TÜBİTAK 1512 Technopreneur Support Program. As part of the program, entrepreneur candidates are provided with the opportunity for experience sharing as well as trainings and mentorships. They are also given the opportunity to meet with senior officials or R&D experts of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT companies, to get to know the industry closely and to create potential cooperation opportunities.

In ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, TÜBİTAK 1512 Technopreneur startups are supported in terms of physical space, office and infrastructure within the incubation centers where appropriate training, mentoring, consultancy and financial support are also offered.

For more information please visit bigg.odtuteknokent.com.tr


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